Domestic Abuse

The Office for National Statistics recorded a total of 1,316.800 domestic abuse incidents and crimes in the year ending March 2019, a 24% increase from the previous year.

Domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men, during their lifetime.  Two women on average per week are murdered and 30 men per year.  To date, as I write this in the coronavirus lock down domestic abuse helplines have recorded a rise of 25% in calls to them.

Online Chat is the New Black

With the onset of the Covid Pandemic, I, like many other therapists have had to build on the concept of working remotely to continue to support my clients.  Having worked previously on a helpline supporting trauma clients, I was used to working remotely over the telephone and was comfortable doing so.

However online therapy was as new to me as it was my clients and if it hadn’t been down to necessity it may have taken me more time to consider it.